About Us

How It Started

Our journey began in October of 2019. Our campus doors were closing and a small group of us wanted to stay together. The phrase we heard, “we just love each other, it is not the building, but the people,” encouraged us to talk about the possibility of planting a church. None of us were ever part of a church plant before. This was such a crazy idea, but we knew with God’s help, anything was possible. We started meeting in a fire hall in the middle of October of 2019. We were a traveling church that would set up and tear down each week. and that became our home for the next 4 months, what a time of personal growth and development. The commitment from each person to show up and participate was awesome.  

In December of 2019, two of our members talked about a possible building we could lease. Our Pastor investigated this possibility and found the next place God would move us to. This began the next phase in God’s plan for us. We did not have a name, a vision, or mission. We had no idea of what kind of church God wanted us to be, so a strategic planning committee was created to begin the process of developing a vision and mission. 

Over the next two years we continued to develop our mission, vision, and core values. People would ask, what is the name of our church, we would say “we are the no name church,” but that changed in the spring of 2021, we were led to call our church “Journey of Faith Church.” Like Abraham was called to leave his home and go by faith, we too were called to go by faith. 

God is so good, He provided a building for us to use, a name to be called by, but most importantly, a family that loves and supports each other. Jesus said in John 13:34-35, 34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” 

Today, our mission is to Live as God’s Family: Welcoming all, Teaching the Gospel, Empowering Lives, Sending Out Servants. We live each day by this mission, trusting God’s promise to always provide, Jesus’ word for instruction, and the Holy Spirit for strength and encouragement. We have been on this journey for a few years, but this is only the beginning. We are “Journey of Faith Church,” and this is our story.

Our Values

Teaching and empowering present and future generations to advance the Kingdom of God.

Faithfully living life by the Spirit to serve others with honor and integrity.

Seeking and staying devoted to God through the Word of Christ in everything we do.

Our Vision

Our congregation loves each other as family, supporting all people without judgment.  We encourage all to have a deeper relationship with Christ, teaching the truth of the bible with love but without deviation.

Our church family depends on God’s guidance through prayer and worship, which creates healthy vibrant families that are heavily involved in the community. We strive to maximize our impact in the lives of those in the community.  By this, we reveal God’s love and presence to all, so if we closed our doors, they would notice. 

Our Mission

Living as God’s Family: welcoming all, teaching the gospel, empowering lives, sending out servants